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Friday, December 30, 2016

Our Patent

In late 2016 the United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded SafelyFiled patent # 9,497,173 with the very catchy title of "System for the Unified Organization, Secure Storage and Secure Retrieval of Digital and Paper Documents."

We filed the patent application in July 2012.  It took over 4 years for it to issue.  But we think it was worth the wait.

What Do We Do?

Not just a box, but a whole vault
For those of you not familiar with SafelyFiled, it is a very secure, cloud-based document organization, sharing, storage and retrieval system designed to function not just as a virtual safe deposit box, but as an entire safe deposit vault.  You can put documents into one or more boxes and give keys to people you want.  You have complete control to move documents, give keys to the boxes, or take away keys.  Not only that, you can easily organize and find any document, and if the documents are in paper form (like a car title) you can set a reminder as to where the original is.

We are Unique

There are 4 functions that combined make SafelyFiled unique and, in our opinion, very useful and easy to use for a small business or a family.

First, we have the most sophisticated sharing functions in the industry.  You can share all your documents, share just one document, share all the documents in a folder (you create your own folders) or share all the documents in a folder, but cut out those you don't want to share.  And, if someone doesn't have access to a document, he or she can't even see that it's there.  To go back to the safe deposit vault analogy, if you gave your spouse access to all your files, he or she would walk into a vault with thousands of boxes in it.  But if you gave your brother access only to your mother's healthcare power of attorney, he would walk into a vault with only one box in it.

Second, your can set reminders.  Say you buy a hot water heater with a 6 year warranty.  You can scan in (or take a picture of and upload) the receipt and the warranty and set a text and/or an email reminder for 5 years and 10 months from now to check the heater.  And in 5 years and 10 months, your phone will buzz that morning or you'll get an mail saying, "Check that water heater.  The warranty is about to expire!"  Even better, you won't have to search for both the receipt and written warranty.  You'll have a copy right in your SafelyFiled account or a note as to where you stashed that paper warranty almost 6 years ago.

Third, the view in our user interface was designed to present all the information you need about a document on one page.  So, if you want to know on what day you uploaded something, or who else can see it, no need to click and change screens.  The info is right there, on the right side of the screen.  If you recorded where you filed the paper original or if you made some notes about the document, no need to search for the location or the notes; they will be on the screen, on the right side, along with any reminders you set or want to set.

Fourth, you can see all the activity on your account, down to the document level.  A couple of years ago my accountant called me to tell me that he had finished my taxes.  We had shared all my financial information securely through SafelyFiled.  When I went into the tax folder in my SafelyFiled account I noticed that he did not open up the spreadsheet that had my business deductions.  He freaked out slightly when I told him how I knew so quickly that he missed something, but in the end he was glad that I caught the oversight.  

No IT Experience Required

Another nice thing about SafelyFiled is that you don't need an IT expert to set it up and maintain it.  We have small business clients who use it for important legal and tax documents that they don't want their IT guy to have access to.  Some families use it for medical records, recipes or home videos.  And for those of you in the "sandwiched generation," coordinating care for an elderly parent with siblings around the world is a lot easier with SafelyFiled.

Please check us out.  If you would like a live demonstration, just click the button on the top right of this blog or send us an email and we'll schedule one.

Photo:  Copyright: ismagilov / 123RF Stock Photo
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