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Friday, January 22, 2016

Worst Passwords for 2015

SplashData just released its annual list of the most popular passwords of  2015. They took a look at the more than 2 million passwords that were leaked last year and analyzed the most commonly leaked passwords and those that were least secure. If you're curious to see if your password(s) made the list check out the list here: worst passwords for 2015.  

It appears that folks still are not using good passwords.  The most common
are still "123456" and "password". (Anyone want to admit they are in this group?) The report shows how common choices for passwords remain consistently risky. And if that were not bad enough, there is a high number of repeat userid and passwords for multiple sites.  

Most of the passwords on SplashData's list come from Western European and North American users. SplashData recommends using passwords or passphrases that are twelve characters or more, with mixed types of characters  (letters, numbers, and symbols).  They also recommend using different username and password combinations for different websites.  

Fortunately, help is available in the form of password management software.

A great solution to help you do this and keep your sanity is a password manager.  Two of the most popular are Lastpass and Dashlane.  Check out our blog called Password Frustration to read about our favorite password manager and for more information on password security. Splashdata has their own password manager called TeamID. We'll be checking that one out ourselves as it looks like a good option for business users.

So, take all your sticky notes, cheat sheets and hidden note pads with your passwords and protect them today with a  password manager.  And don't forget to change your passwords often. A password manager can help you do that too!   

Let's all strive to stay off of the 2016 worst password list.

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