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Thursday, July 9, 2015

An Embarrassing Consequence of Synching all Your Devices

Sometimes it's not a good idea to synchronize all your devices.

My nephew Paul, is married to a wonderful woman named Amy.  Last year, they moved to a new home and were trying to get to know the parents of their children's friends.  Amy
wanted access to the school directory with the names and phone numbers of the parents. She was asking around and got an email from one of the members of the Parent Teacher Organization, a woman she had never met.

Amy has a highly-developed (? - you be the judge) sense of humor and plays practical jokes on her husband. Here's one that had some unintended consequences.


Amy's Facebook Post

This is an email exchange between me and a woman on the PTO that I’ve never met:

Woman I’ve Never Met: "Hi Amy. I heard you are looking for directory access. I apologize - when you filled out registration info after moving here, there should have been a sheet in the packet about the directory… " blah blah blah

Me: "Thank you for helping with this. Who knows, I might have gotten the sheet. We moved into the house 5 days before school started so it was a little crazy at that time. I like to poop my pants! Thanks again and I’ll be on the look out for that email."

Woman I’ve Never Met: “It looks like maybe because I entered your student’s teachers a couple months ago, you don’t have to do the data….” blah, blah, blah


"I reviewed her reply and something catches my eye. Did I just say “I like to poop my pants!” to this woman that I’ve never met before?? OH. MY. GAWD!!!!!!!!!!

"Flash back a couple of months ago when I thought it would be funny to change Paul’s iPhone to auto-correct “LOL” to type “I like to poop my pants!” It was HYSTERICAL watching him text about pooping his pants and me claiming no knowledge of it for a good 2 months!  But I guess the joke is on me, because Apple applies auto-corrects to ALL of our Apple products - like my Mac that I use to answer emails…to women on the PTA that I’ve never met before."


We Love You Amy!


Thanks for the laugh and letting us share your story. 

On a Serious Note

This is a funny story but it serves as a reminder that if you take photos of sensitive documents for safekeeping, that information could also be automatically backed up and synced to all devices if you have that option enabled. So, if you use your smart phone to take photos of sensitive information thinking it's a good idea to keep them on your device, don't.  Even if you use our App to take photos of important documents for uploading into SafelyFiled, remember to immediately delete those images after uploading them and before they get backed up into the Apple or Android cloud where security isn't a priority.  

After all, how do you think embarrassing photos of celebrities made it into the tabloids?

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