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Friday, June 12, 2015

It's our 3rd Birthday!

On June 11, 2012 SafelyFiled officially opened the doors.  In some ways, we can't believe it's been 3 years already.  In others....well it seems more like 10 years.  But in all ways, it's been exciting!


When we first started and talked to other entrepreneurs,  we were told, "However hard you think it's going to be to start a company from the ground up, it's going to be even harder and take a lot longer than you can imagine."  That didn't deter us though.  Of course, looking back now, it indeed was a lot harder and is taking a lot longer than we thought it would. It also takes a lot more dedication, time, money and faith than we thought was possible.  In hindsight, we are very glad that we didn't know then what we know now!   

We don't want to bore you with details of what all has happened since we opened our doors but we would like to highlight some things since our blog last year announcing our second birthday.

From 2 products to 4!


Last year, we announced our SafelyMD as the second product.  From its release, this product has been really getting a lot of attention starting with Livestrong's Big C competition.  We didn't win that one, but to be a semi-finalist within a few months of releasing the product was a huge honor!

Since last year, we've created 2 additional SafelyFiled Membership levels.  SafelyFiled Family and SafelyFiled Pro.  As their name indicates, the family plan is ideal for family use and the professional version is best for service industry professionals such as attorneys, estate planners, financial advisers, etc.

www.safelyfiled.com/home/plansThese new levels of service came about as we talked to people about what SafelyFiled is and all the different use-cases for it.  People would get very excited about it and wanted ways to use it to grow their own business and help their clients.  Of course that is great encouragement to us affirming that we have created a much needed service.  We also wanted to ensure pricing wasn't a deterrent for families so the family plan was created to give families an even more affordable option.

In addition, we opened a new office in Columbus Indiana this year. 

What's next for us?


We've been fortunate enough to grab the attention of some businesses and dynamic entrepreneurs.  Once we demonstrated the functions and value of SafelyFiled, especially the new products, they grasped the concept and saw how it could benefit themselves, their clients and customers.  As a result, we are working on a number of "white label" offerings, combining the security and functionality of SafelyFiled with the backing and support of some larger organizations.  This is a quantum leap for us.  It means quite a bit of extra work.  But hey, we've got the energy.  We're only three!!

We are also going international.  Though we already have customers all over the world, we are working with
two partners to promote us to families and businesses in the UK and the EU.  We've modified the products a bit for those markets, but the foundations of security and ease-of-use remain unchanged. 

Thank you


We're so very thankful to our faithful advisers, staff, friends, family and loyal members!  And especially thankful to our investors.

You've provided us with encouragement, a critical eye when needed and some very good ideas for product improvements.

We could not have done it without you all.
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