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Friday, May 8, 2015

An Entrepreneurial-Minded Mom's Advice

Most everyone I know has had that "aha" moment when they think of a better way to do something or has a great new idea.  For those who've taken something from a thought and made it a reality, congratulations!  Give yourself a pat on the back...you're an entrepreneur.

Nick Marino
My youngest son has entrepreneur written all over him. He keeps a pad and pen next to his bed for those moments when he wakes up to write down an idea.  He uses his smart phone "notepad" to jot down ideas he has during the day.  While he has some really wonderful ideas, until recently he's either been unable to act upon them fast enough and someone else beats him to it or he's been unsure how to go from idea to realization.  That can be very discouraging and make one want to give up on their dreams.

But I am proud to say that he is now in a joint venture with several friends and they are taking one of those ideas and making it a reality.  That brings a huge smile to this Mom's face!

Proud Mom
As an entrepreneur myself, I've advised him to keep good records, manage change control and document things that might be needed in the future.  I hope he will be proactive and keep that important information in SafelyFiled for business continuity and safeguarding of proprietary information.  All it takes is one computer glitch and everything he has currently stored on his computer is gone.

As a SafelyFiled member myself, in addition to being a co-creator,  I see a huge advantage of keeping business information in a secure service such as ours.   I have my own personal account but also need to share information with my co-workers regarding our business.  Although I can segregate folders to allow access only to certain people it's easier for me to have two separate accounts.  It's affordable enough to do that too which is easy on the budget.

We created SafelyFiled with the really cool feature of being able to manage multiple SafelyFiled accounts (if that's a need you have) with a single login and password.  In that way, I only need to keep track of one set of account credentials to manage my personal account, access family or friend's documents that have been shared with me and manage my business account. I wonder where we were in the development process when that great idea came to one of us in the middle of the night? 

I suppose like my son, I still have a lot to learn about managing my own business. But I'm so thankful that we were able to take the idea of SafelyFiled from an idea to reality and created something that is a much-needed solution for families and businesses alike.

So as an entrepreneurial-minded Mom, this is my advice. If you have an idea and know in your heart it's something that would benefit others,  go for it. Yes, you may fail, but failure to try is the biggest failure of all.

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