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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tips For Parents From Firefighters

Today we saw a tip from Jackson Fire Department's Facebook page that was so good we wanted to share it with our readers. 

Here is the tip they wrote for parents copied directly from their Facebook page:

"Too often firefighters come upon a vehicle accident where the parent(s) are unconscious and there are children in the car who are too young to communicate useful information. Here is a tip for all you parents out there: place a sticker on each child's car seat providing firefighters and emergency personnel valuable information such as child's name, DOB, parents names, emergency contact information, any medical conditions the child may have and medications. Also, please remember to update this information as needed. As first responders, we do thoroughly look at the car seats after a traffic collision, they can tell us a lot about the damage suffered and the impact itself. We will find these stickers if you place them in a spot where the information is not easily seen from the outside of the car if you are worried about others having that information."

That is a fantastic tip. We never thought about SafelyMD as being a tool that could be used for children in the event of an auto accident.  If parents are injured and not able to answer questions for an emergency responder, it makes perfect sense to have the child's information available too.

After the information for each child is filled out on their SafelyMD form in SafelyFiled, print out their card(s) and either tape the card to their child seat where emergency responders could see it but the general public could not, or laminate it, punch a whole in it and use a rubber band or cable tie and attach the card to the car seat.  This could really be done for the drivers too.  They could attach a copy of the card to their seat belts.  

The idea of attaching a card to items we carry everyday got us thinking about all of the different things you could attach the card to.  We thought for women, having the card attached to your purse strap where the card would lay inside your purse for privacy but would very easily be found in the event of an emergency is a genius idea.  Here's how we did this to our own purse using a rubber band. Our demo cards are laminated so the card is better protected.

That got us thinking about other places you could attach the card for instant access.  On a wheelchair, a bicycle (while being ridden--don't leave it there unattended), on a child's back pack (long enough strap to keep the card inside but found easily).  There are probably many more ideas that we've not come up with...yet.  

Every day it seems there are articles and blogs posted encouraging people to take control of their own family's personal health information and making sure it's accessible in emergencies.  With the increase of medical conditions, medications and allergies today, this is becoming more important than ever. 

We offer a great way to do this that's easy,  affordable and secure.  With SafelyFiled Family at $29.95 a year,  you could have SafelyMD cards for up to 12 family members.  That's a very small price to pay for peace of mind in knowing that if something happens, you can ensure the most important information about yourself or family member can be made available to those who would need it most to administer proper medical care.

Get your account today if you haven't already and please help us spread the word!  

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