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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Personal Health Record

Many of us in the sandwich generation are trying to manage our own health as well as helping our elderly loved one's health and children's too.  It can be very overwhelming.  So overwhelming that often times we forgo keeping our own health on track.  


The thought of keeping a personal health record for ourselves and others in the family falls way down the priority list...until something happens.  But in this blog by the Mayo Clinic, they highly recommend that everyone keep a personal health record and make sure that record is available even in an emergency.  That's easier said than done.

What is a personal health record?


A personal health record is not the same thing as your medical records.  A personal health record is a
record of your prescriptions, your allergies, your surgeries, medical conditions, emergency contact info, and list of doctors you're seeing.  It can also include your immunization records.  You know those questions you always have to answer when you go to any medical appointment?  Yes, that's the information that you'd want to keep in personal health care record.

Who should have a personal health record?

In short, everyone!  As parents, you should keep a personal health record for each child.  What immunizations have they had and when?  What are their allergies?  What medical and dental checkups have they had; when and with who?

For all adults and especially the elderly, what preventive screenings have been done, when and when is the next one due?  What surgeries have you had and what treatments were done. Who did the surgery and when?  What prescription and non prescription medication and treatments are you taking?  If there were a life-threatening emergency, what would your final wishes be?  Are you an organ donor and would you choose life support if needed?  For how long?

How do I get a personal health record?


You can create your own record using a spreadsheet or even handwritten notes.  Doctors love it if you have that information readily available for scheduled appointments.  If you don't want to do one from scratch or would like a higher tech solution you can use our SafelyMD service.  If you want a record for your entire family, use SafelyFiled Family.  

Watch this short video to get an idea about how it works in an emergency situation.

We think once you get started with your personal health record, you will find it's not overwhelming at all and will bring great peace of mind.

Click on SafelyMD or SafelyFiled Family and get your own personal health record started today

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