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Friday, March 27, 2015

National Healtcare Decision Day - Part 3

April 16th is National Healthcare Decision Day.

For the past two weeks, we've discussed Healthcare Powers of Attorney, their importance and the family benefits they and other similar documents provide.  This blog discusses a few practical matters.

Do Something - Now

Estate planning is one task that is very easy to avoid.  There is always something else that is more
urgent, more interesting and more fun.  I know.  I delayed for years, myself.  But a little cardiac scare was my catalyst.

My wife and I went to a respected local attorney who specializes in estate planning.  He looked at what we had done and though we had put all of our assets in joint tenancy with right of survivor-ship, that was less than half of what we needed to do  It seems that if my wife and I died in a common accident, mostly everything would be distributed through the wills, which must be probated to let the kids sell the house and distribute other assets.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

National Healthcare Decision Day - Part 2

April 16th is National Healthcare Decision Day.

Last week, we brought up the benefits of a Healthcare Power of Attorney, not only for yourself and your elderly parents, but also for your adult children.  This week, we will explore the family and psychological benefits of having not only a Healthcare Power of Attorney but other documents that will speak for us when we no longer can speak for ourselves.

Those We Leave Behind

Thursday, March 12, 2015

National Healthcare Decision Day - Part 1

April 16th is National Healthcare Decision day.  It's a day to remind us to plan ahead and make sure that if we can't speak for ourselves, that somebody has the authority to speak on our behalf and make sure that our wishes about healthcare are known.

When this topic comes up, most of us automatically think about the elderly and "Do Not Resuscitate" directives.  Certainly that is a part of the topic, but the subject is much broader.  It impacts both young and old, family relationships and the psychological health of family members or friends who have to make decisions for a person who isn't able to express his or her wishes at a critical time.  This blog and the next two after will explore these issues.

It's Not Just For the Old