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Friday, February 27, 2015

Is Your Personal Data Worth $35K?

When we hear about security breaches of big businesses, we understand immediately that there must be some value to the data they store, even if it's only email addresses the hackers get. But we rarely think about the value of our personal data sitting on our own digital devices.

To be quite honest, I've never really thought about it myself.  I know the information and Apps I use on my devices are very valuable to me personally.  I love the fact that I can access information at the push of a couple of buttons and love the convenience of being able to access information from anywhere.  But you have to wonder, with the rise in malware and viruses on phones and tablets, what is it that hackers find so valuable?  Why and how can so many companies and individuals afford to offer free Apps and push us to download the latest mind numbing game?

It's data.  Your data.  According to a 2014 McAfee survey, your data may be worth way more than you think.  We took the key information they released in that Digital Assets Survey and put it in an Infographic. 

It's astonishing to see the estimated value of each person's data listed as $35,000!

It's no wonder that digital asset planning is such a hot topic these days and why the unclaimed assets value has jumped from $31 Billion just a couple of years ago to $48 Billion last year as reported by the National Association of Unclaimed Personal Assets

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

McAffee's Digital Asset Survey did include some statistics that we did not put in our Infographic.    They reported the following in regards to digital device users surveyed:

  • 20% are unfamiliar with cyber risks.
  • 75% do not protect their smartphones with comprehensive security.
  • 86% do not protect tablets with comprehensive security.
Average digital device users don't make it difficult for hackers to get their data.  That's why we at SafelyFiled think it's more important than ever to find a secure storage solution for personal, sensitive and legal data off of digital devices.  In that way, you don't have to worry about keeping all of your different devices locked down, you just need to ensure your personal data is not available on those devices.

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