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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Top 5 Read Blogs From SafelyFiled In 2014

We posted an average of two blogs a month in 2014 and plan to share more with you in 2015. SafelyFiled is excited to continue helping individuals, families and businesses solve the problem of $41 billion of unclaimed assets. We provide safe, effective and simple tools for organizing and accessing digital assets in the cloud. 

With spring break vacations and tax season approaching, and care for aging parents always a concern, we have compiled a list of our five most-read and related blogs from 2014.

Below are links to still-relevant blogs that cover unclaimed assets, tax-filing considerations, HIPPA stipulations related to children and more.

We also talked about how to better manage prescriptions and medical information and released SafelyMD in 2014 as a solution. SafelyMD can store, organize and track prescriptions, medical conditions and even final wishes. It makes important legal and medical records accessible whenever you need them--in your wallet, from your phone or from any Internet connection. All of this is done very securely and easily!

So, we hope you will take some of our suggestions into consideration and add comments or questions about any of these topics. Also be on the look out for new posts to help you navigate a range of issues dealing with cloud storage security, organization and access.


Your SafelyFiled Team

Tracking Medications For Loved Ones  

HIPAA & Your 18 Year Old 

Spring Break, HIPAA & Power Of Attorney 

Ensure Your Assets Don't Go Unclaimed
SafelyFiled - A LifeHack for the Tax Filing Process

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