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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Calling all Pet Lovers!

We love families here at SafelyFiled. It is out of our love for families that we created SafelyFiled and SafelyMD.  It's not pleasant thinking of our mortality but we do need to be proactive about gathering, storing and sharing our important records and final wishes.


But there are members of the family that we've not taken into consideration to this point and have been encouraged to do so by our friends and families.  The family pets!

How Can SafelyFiled Be Useful for Pets?


In reality, you can use SafelyFiled right now to store your pet's vet records.  That's how this idea has come up. It's one of the top 10 uses for SafelyFiled we have on Pinterest.    

Although it's helpful for you as the owner of the pet to have that information, we thought we could expand its usefulness.  What if we could expand the service to work for your pet like our SafelyMD Emergency Medical Data card works for people?  If you and your pet get separated, the person who finds your pet can scan the QR code on a tag or collar and not only be able to call or text you from the app, they could, if needed, contact your veterinarian or have access to your pet's health info and allergies if long term or emergency care is necessary. 

Scan This for Demo
This service could be private labeled by veterinarians as well if they wanted to provide their clients with this service.  They could update the pet's vaccination information and upload any records for their client's pets as an additional service.

I recently took a trip across the country with my dog and she got into an ant hill and had a reaction to the ant bites.  I had to seek veterinary treatment for her and didn't have the records of her last shots.  They treated her for me but asked me to forward the information when I returned home.  I'm thankful they didn't withhold treatment from her but I had the thought then that it would probably be a good idea to have her records in SafelyFiled just in case.

Is this an idea you think worthy of funding?


Before we spend more of own money to develop yet another service, we thought we'd try a different approach.  We've started a crowdfunding campaign to gauge interest in this service.   If this is a service you would like to have for your pets we're asking that you go to our funding site and donate whatever you feel this is worth.  In exchange for your donation, we're offering SafelyPet for one pet free for life or a free 2-year membership to SafelyFiled Family which will provide the SafelyPet service when available in addition to the existing secure record storage and SafelyMD service.  So in reality, you're not just making a donation for this idea, you're paying in advance for the service.

Ready to donate and be a part of a new service for pets and family?  Click this link. 

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Like us on our new Facebook page for SafelyPet and share your pet's photos and stories with us. Be a part of our journey!   



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