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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Keeping Track of Your Healthcare.gov and Medicare Insurance

49,000 emails  


Yep, that's what's in my inbox - including emails and other documents confirming my health insurance coverage and giving special instructions.

In the past, I've tried finding something I got 6 months earlier by doing an email search on "health insurance."  You know how that goes.

I start Medicare in January.  And in January my wife will have her own health insurance policy, not one with my name on it.  So now we have two policies to keep track of.  The coverages haven't even started and I'm getting inundated with confirming emails, instructions and documents to download.  Later this week the mailbox on the curb outside the house will be full of paper confirmations.

There's got to be an easy way to keep this under control.

Keeping it all straight


Choosing and then buying a Medicare supplement on line is relatively straightforward, but, probably like you, I am cautious and feel a need to be able to easily find all the emails, electronic documents and paper documents that will be sent to me.  I've dealt with insurers and hospitals in the past and as you know, having all the documentation at your fingertips really helps.

And since we take advantage of the Affordable Care Act for my wife's coverage, my caution is doubled, especially since the system crashed while I was signing her up and I had to start from the beginning.

This is important stuff and these documents and emails need to be saved, organized, readily available, and above all, secure.

Here's a solution


It's really easy.  I put all the emails and documents in a special place that even I can't forget or lose.  It's a SafelyFiled account.  I forward the health insurance emails to my SafelyFiled inbox.  For the electronic documents that need to be sent securely, I drag and drop them from my computer into my SafelyFiled account.  For paper documents, I scan them first and then drag and drop them to my account.

Now I have one place for all the documents, no matter when they were received, from whom they were sent or in what form, digital or paper, they arrived.

Each one of those documents and emails can easily be tagged, searched and moved to different or multiple folders.  And my account can be securely accessed from a hospital, doctor's office or even from my smart phone.  I also added some medical history to my SafelyMD card, and I no longer have to remember my medications. (I just access from my smartphone and hand the phone to the nurse.)

Above all, my wife and family have secure access to these documents, so if anything happens to me, they won't have to spend weeks looking through old emails and stacks of paper.

One more thing


I'm a father (3 kids) and a husband (married 35 years) and one of the designers of the SafelyFiled site. The other designers are moms and wives.  We've all managed families, personal finances and businesses.  We've poured our collective experience into the SafelyFiled design.  It works.  It works extremely well.

It's made our lives a lot easier.  It will help you too.  

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