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Friday, November 7, 2014

Thank You Veterans!

Thank you seems like such inadequate words to express our deep-felt appreciation for our military members. Whether you're on active duty, in the reserves or guard, or a veteran, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts and from our wallet.

I know from personal experience the sacrifices that military members and their families make for our country's freedom. Veteran's Day is always a great reminder that we need to take the opportunity to publicly express our deeply felt gratitude to our nation's defenders.

Military families, whether on active duty, guard or reserves, experience separation more than most
families do.  Whether military families are separated by deployment, temporary duty assignments, or moving, the military family experiences separation at a much higher frequency than the rest of us - and for a much longer duration.  This requires that the family left behind fill the void by picking up responsibilities and tasks that the military member normally does when they're at home. 


In addition to separation, military families experience a much higher likelihood of losing a loved one to death or life-altering disability. It's even more important for military families to have a plan in the event the ultimate sacrifice is made.  It's not a pleasant thought, but one that military families don't have the luxury of putting off like most civilians do.   


How Can Using SafelyFiled Help?


There are many ways but here are just a few. Have you ever needed to provide documentation to apply for a VA loan, medical retirement, disability rating or provide a record of proof of service?  Have you ever had a hard time locating children's immunization records to get then enrolled in school or financial records to apply for a home loan after a move?  Not sure what box you put those files in when packing or forgot to keep a certain record with you during your move and your household goods are in storage?  What about after retirement or separation? Ever needed proof of service or details of roles and responsibilities you had during your career?


I am a veteran of the USAF myself.  I retired in 1995.  Since that time, I've had to produce records of many different kinds to support my resume, prove that I'm an eligible veteran for special loans or programs, and to remind myself of different roles and responsibilities I had during my military career. 


Last year, I spent about 2 hours gathering all of my military records together. I then scanned all of my performance reports, certificates of training, award certificates and documents that supported my awards and decorations into SafelyFiled.  I also added a digital copy of my DD Form 214 and my retirement certification.  I no longer have to rely on memory for dates, locations, supervisors and ratings that I was given throughout my career. My loved ones will have access to that long after I'm gone if they need or want it for anything.

I also put all of my medical records from the military in my account so that if I ever need to apply for disability, I have those records for historical purposes. Trust me, if you ever need to apply for disability, you will be very glad you have all of those records gathered and stored for quick access.

In addition to securely storing important records and documents such as birth certificates, military orders, family immunization records and passports, you can use the location field within SafelyFiled to record where physical items are stored.  This is a great feature that is not only beneficial for a loved one who may need to find something if you're not around, but also serves as a great reminder to yourself.  How many times have you put something in a special place and then couldn't find it?


If you're deploying again in the future, you may find our Deployment Checklist helpful. There are other free checklists there you might also be of benefit to you.


Special Deal for Military Members, Family and Veterans

Veteran's Day is a great time to publicly thank our military veterans and express just how much we appreciate all that you are doing and have done.  We feel strongly that SafelyFiled is a very beneficial tool for all military members and their families so we want to offer it to you at a discounted price.  We're offering both SafelyFiled Family and SafelyFiled Pro Lite with a lifetime discount.

To take advantage of this offer, you must enroll via this website When you click "Sign Up today" on this page, you'll be given the opportunity to enroll in either SafeFiled Family or Pro Lite and receive the discount automatically.  In addition, you will keep that price for the duration of your membership!  It's our way of saying "thank you".

You are busy ensuring our country is kept free and secure. Let us help you ensure your most sensitive information and important records are kept secure and available when you or your loved ones need access to it most.

Tweet: Thank you to all of our service members, veterans, and their families! http://ctt.ec/et18l+ #Vets"Thank you to all of our service members, veterans, and their families!


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