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Monday, November 17, 2014

Private Labeling With SafelyFiled

Did you know that you can private label SafelyFiled with the Pro and Pro Lite versions at no extra cost?  Other comparable services charge a lot for that feature.


If you're a SafelyFiled Pro Lite or Pro user and you assist clients with documenting, storing, and accessing important records and documents, you can put your name in front of them every time they access their records.



By using our private labeling feature!  This feature is only available on our Pro Lite and Pro membership plans and only takes about a minute to set up.

Below is a short 1.5 minute video that walks you through how to set up private labeling on a SafelyFiled account.  Once it's set up, each time your client logs in to access documents you've created for them or any time you sponsor a client with a SafelyFiled account of their own, they will see your logo instead of SafelyFiled's.  If they click on your logo within their account, they will be taken to your website if you've updated the url.

If you're a Pro member and you give clients the SafelyMD emergency medical cards, your company's name is placed on the back of that card.  In this way, if those cards are ever used in an emergency, or when your clients are showing off their cards to their friends or family members, they will see who provided that service for them.

If you have clients for whom you prepare important documents for, or if you're a small business with employees and you need an affordable records management system but don't have SafelyFiled, check out our plans and get started with one that fits your needs best. With the Pro and Pro Lite plans comes the ability to private label at no extra charge and these plans are very affordable!

Get started today!


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  Get your company's name in front of clients with SafelyFiled!

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