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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ensure Your Assets Don't Go Unclaimed

Did you know that there are over $41 Billion in unclaimed assets sitting in State and Federal coffers awaiting the rightful owners to claim them? 

Could some of those assets be yours? How can you find out and how can you make sure your money or assets don't get “lost”?

We suspect the problem will get worse in the coming years. With many of us going paperless, a crashed hard drive, lost passwords and accounts closed for inactivity could make it even harder to remember what you have. Without papers to go through, what will jog your or your family’s memory?

There are a couple of steps you can take to ensure your assets don't get added to that huge number. 

First, to find if any of the unclaimed assets are yours or your family's, check out the website of the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators. Here is a link.

Second, get your own SafelyFiled membership and use its great features to ensure your assets, whether digital or physical, are organized, tracked and shared with those who need to know where your assets are and where you want them to go when you die.

Use SafelyFiled’s sharing and location features to make sure your assets don't go missing and end up unclaimed.  For your digital accounts, make sure you have a list of them in at least one of your SafelyFiled folders.  You can use our checklist "Managing your digital legacy: keeping track of importantdigital assets and accounts" to record that information if you don't already have a tool.

You create the locations that pertain to your assets

For accounts that provide paper statements, or  assets represented by stock certificates or deeds, put a digital copy of the papers in a SafelyFiled folder and use the location field to record where you stored the original copy or physical asset. Then, take the next step and share that info using our sharing feature with people you trust.

With the flexibility built in to our sharing function, you can split up who sees what and even put an expiration date on sharing for temporary access needs.

Unlike many other services, our sharing feature is secure. We rely on encryption, not just obscure URLs. Check out this video to see how our invitation process works.  Watch this video to learn how to assign sharing rights to newly invited participants.

Times have changed.

Gone are the days when you only have a handful of accounts and paper records to track them with.   It's time to take control of records and ensure that the assets we work hard for in our life, whether digital or physical, are left to those we want them to and not in the hands of strangers.  SafelyFiled is a tool that helps you to do that safely, securely and easily.  

Use SafelyFiled's location field to record where physical assets are stored so your loved ones will know where to find them.

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