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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Helpful Tips - A La Carte

We aren't just writers of blogs, we are also readers of blogs. As we come across good information that we think is share-worthy, we share.  This blog is just that.  A list of links to some other helpful and worthwhile blogs that we thought our readers could benefit from.

We certainly aren't the only bloggers out there with great information regarding securing your data. There are many tools and practices that will help you ensure your data is kept safe in cyber space.  In reality, your data's security is really up to you.  Yes, the companies you do business with have a responsibility, but they can only do so much. You as the user of technology have a big role to play in keeping your data secure.

How do you know the website you're dealing with is safe? 


That is the first step.  Before you do business with an online service or business, you'll want to ensure they have a good website reputation.  First, click this link and type in the web address of the business you want to use to see what their online reputation is:  Webutations Info

Tip:  You can download a browser add-on from this site that you can use to check the reputation of websites automatically.                                           

Good password practices are THE most important thing you can do to help keep your information secure.
Tweet: Password Practices are THE most important thing you can do to help keep your information secure.

Good Password Practices are Key!

Many instructive password guides only cover the basics to cater to non-technical users. This results in moderately strong passwords, which is good for someone who was about to use “password123” as their password.  But read this for more information on great passwords Read more >

If you're anything like me, you get very frustrated that you need to have so many different passwords at various online sites to keep your information secure. This blog is one we wrote last year that many found helpful.   Read more >

Tip:  Did you know that you should use short phrases as passwords?  If you include the name of the website in that phrase it will help you keep them straight. For example, if you use the online shopping site for Walmart.  You can make your password MyWalmart0414!.  If you use a similar phrase (not exact) on every website, using a combination of upper and lower case letters and numbers and/or symbols, that makes your passwords very strong AND easier to remember. If you add the month and year as in this example, you'll know the last time you changed that password :-)

Tweet: Did you know that you can use short phrases as passwords? Easier to remember too.Did you know that you should use short phrases as passwords? Easier to remember too.

There are some myths out there regarding safe-keeping of data.  Here is one on that topic:

Traditionally, we think the closer we hold something, the more secure it is. If we invest in precious metals, or own treasured items of high monetary value, chances are we place it in a safe in the bedroom or the office. If we carry cash, we keep it safely in a wallet on our person: the closer, the better. Too often, this conventional wisdom carries over to our thinking about IT. We assume if we have data stored on in-house servers, for example, then it will be more secure.  Read more >

What Happens to Your Online Presence When You Die? 


Depending on the social media site, it could live on forever.  This is a very important topic as more than 300,000 Facebook users alone die every month!  Read More >
Tip:  You can download our free Managing Your Digital Assets checklist and get started on putting together your plan to ensure your accounts are all closed out when the time comes.

Secure Those Mobile Devices!


A recent study revealed that while 67 percent of smartphone users and 64 percent of tablet users protect their mobile devices using a password or passcode, nearly half of the smartphone users and 56 percent of tablet users actually shared their device passcode with at least one other person, placing the security of their device and the data on the device at risk!  Read More > 

We hope you found these different articles and tips helpful.  If you did, please pass this blog on.

Tweet: I learned something new on this blog. Check it out!  I learned something new on this blog. Check it out!
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