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Monday, May 19, 2014

The Anti-social Network

Sometimes you need to share something, but not with the entire world.  Use SafelyFiled, the anti-social network.


Social Networks Have Their Place

We at SafelyFiled use Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter all the time.  They're great.  But they're not for everything.

Some things are so important that they need to be protected, yet you still want or need to share them.  Say, for example, you and your sister are taking care of your elderly mom.  And you and your sister live 1,000 miles apart.  When mom visits your sister, your sister needs to have mom's medical records, healthcare power of attorney and living will.  Just pop them into SafelyFiled, give your sister secure access, and both you and your sister will each have them, no matter where mom is staying.

That's just one example.   We also safely share our financial and tax records with our accountants.  A list of our digital accounts  (banks and stock brokers) along with our passwords are in a secure file so our adult children can get into key accounts if anything happens to us.  And our legal documents for the ownership of our businesses are safely stored in our accounts and available to family members if and when they need them.

As we said, we need to share some things, but not with the world.

And What About Email?


My spam folder is filled with emails "from" relatives and friends trying to sell me penny stocks, or a new face cream.  (Like I use face cream - never did, and besides, my face is beyond the point of no return.)  I know these emails aren't legitimate, so I let them linger and die in the spam folder until my email service deletes them.  And I see ads pop up on my personal email account, trying to sell me whatever might be related to a word in an email.  So what does that tell us about email?

That tells us it's not secure.  Somebody or some thing is silently watching.  So if you needed to send something important, say something that has your social security number on it, like a tax return, sending it via email is like writing it on a postcard.  Maybe your intended recipient will be the only one who reads it, but you're taking quite a chance.

Are We Really Anti-Social?

Of course not.  We have some of the nicest people working at SafelyFiled that you'd ever meet.   We are active on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  And yes, we use email too.

But we are also old enough to understand boundaries.  We have all been around the block a few times, so we know that emergencies happen, that there are people in our lives that we need to take care of and that privacy can be very important.  We understand the need for families to stick together in tough times and help each other out.  We know what it is to be careful.

That's why we created SafelyFiled.  It makes sharing important documents as easy as posting on a social network site, yet it keeps them confidential.

Respecting your own boundaries isn't being anti-social.  It's just being smart.

That's why we call ourselves the anti-social network.  Sometimes you need to share something - but not with the entire world.

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