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Friday, May 30, 2014

SafelyMD Emergency Data Card In Action

We can say so much more with a video than with words!  This short video demonstrates the power of the SafelyMD Emergency Data Card. 


One thing we didn't mention in the video is that if this card is ever lost or stolen, you can very easily log into your SafelyMD account and reset the card.  That will invalidate the old card so that your info can no longer be seen if it's scanned.  This action will create a new card for you which you can print out.  

All of this is FREE for individuals.  

If you want to have this powerful service for yourself and other family members within one account, you can upgrade to SafelyFiled for only $48 a year.  Check out our plans page to see what else comes with the SafelyFiled package.  It's quite extensive!

Have a Safe day!

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