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Friday, May 30, 2014

Preparing for vacation

While preparing for the big family vacation, I'm using SafelyFiled for trip documentation.  Both for me to access on the road and for my support folks at home to access in an emergency.

Scene from a previous grand family adventure.
My family is heading to Germany for vacation in a few weeks.  I'm in the final flurry of finalizing hotel reservations and train tickets.  In addition to printing out confirmation pages and itineraries, I'm uploading copies to my SafelyFiled account.  If I get separated from my paper copies on the road, I will still be able to login to SafelyFiled and access that information again.  My husband is a co-member on my account, so he too can access this information on the road.

In addition to travel plans, I am uploading copies of credit cards and passports. If one of us loses our wallet, it is best to have this information available someplace else to expedite canceling and replacement.

I'm also reviewing and updating the health insurance cards and SafelyMD health forms that I have filled out for the family.  Hopefully this bit won't be needed, but if it is, I don't want to be fighting language barriers and general hysteria.  Better to have that information accessible by the health professional with a scan of a QR code.

Another piece of my planning to is make sure folks at home have access to our travel plans.  In the past this meant a lot of xeroxing and mailing to my mom.  This time around, I just invited my mom to access our travel folder (check out our videos to invite someone and to set up sharing).  She accepted the invitation and added that access  to her SafelyFiled account.  Now when she logs in, she sees "Susan Hinrichs Files" in addition to "My Files" on the grey bar.  She selects "Susan Hinrichs Files" to see our travel plans.   As things change, she will see the latest version of the files when she logs in.  I don't have to remember to send more xeroxes of the latest travel plans.  I'll probably share this information with our house sitter too, so he can reach us if something happens at home.

I'm sure the trip will be worth it once all the planning is done.  Thanks to SafelyFiled, some of my travel planning and concerns are eased.
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