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Friday, April 4, 2014

Taxes, Saving Time and Cutting Expense

If you have clients who wait until the last minute to get their supporting papers to you to get the returns done, (who doesn't?) consider what we've heard from one of our business users.

This is one of those (rare) cases where I'll just keep quiet and let her tell you her experiences herself.  These are excerpts from emails to our CTO, Terri Caldwell, from one of our members, Bev Ahlbeck, a CPA with

The years may change, but some things stay the same

First email

Hi Terri,

I have news! I successfully used SafelyFiled yesterday afternoon. We have a client who is going to be out of town this week and is anxious for his tax return (& refund!). Rather than mailing the return and waiting to get the e-file forms back, he asked that we send his return to him pdf password protected. I instead suggested using SafelyFiled and he received it a few minutes later!   He was able to get the forms back to us and have his return e-filed right away eliminating the wait of the post office...


Second Email

Hi Terri,

I have been busy with SafelyFiled! I’m the office expert! Haha! But really, it has been very useful to us. There are a few clients with very complex returns who want to see a draft of their returns before they are actually finalized. SafelyFiled eliminates the need to print and mail the preliminary copies. In addition, some of the clients are happy without even printing the return. A download is enough for them. This also is great for the e-file signature forms which contain social security numbers which we do not like to send via e-mail. We have also used it for people who are refinancing and need to share a copy of the return with their banker. We also foresee that this will save us on FedEx fees at the very end of tax season. When it’s close to the 15th and clients need their taxes quickly, we often need to overnight the package to them. If we can send it via SafelyFiled then, we can send them their own copy later via regular mail and save the cost of FedEx. 


And so...

I have nothing more to add other than thanks for letting us share your email, Bev.  And - I think your clients are fortunate to have you.
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