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Friday, April 25, 2014

SafelyMD and the Business Traveler

You wake up in the middle of the night in your hotel room in Hong Kong. You've never felt this bad - ever.  Is it a heart attack, food poisoning or an allergic reaction to something?

You call the front desk and they call for emergency medical help.  You don't remember much else.   You wake up in the hospital.  The nurse hands you the phone.  It's your wife, just wanting to hear your voice.

What the SafelyMD card did


In the ambulance on the way to the hospital, one of the paramedics, using his smart phone, scanned the QR code on the SafelyMD card you had in your wallet.  That took him straight to your medical info.  He saw what meds you were taking.  He knew about your shell fish allergy and your recent angioplasty.  It didn't make a difference that you were on the other side of the world in an ambulance.  He had the information as if he were in your local hospital in you home town.  The epinephrin shot saved your life.

The nurse at the emergency room also scanned your card with her tablet.  She had your contact information.  She first called your wife at home.   No answer.  Then her cell.  No answer.  Then she called her at work where she picked up.  Your wife had just started at this new company and you were glad she updated your contact data with her new number.

The physician on duty also called your doctor.  After a quick consultation, they decided to keep you for a day, make sure your meds were just right and then get you ready for a flight home.  It would be the sweetest flight you'd ever taken.

What you did
A few weeks ago you opened a free SafelyMD account for yourself and filled out the online form, answering questions about your medications, allergies and medical conditions.  You were able to do it at home, on your tablet.  It only took 10 minutes.  You recorded the medications when you were standing right next to the medicine cabinet.  And when you went to the doctor a week later and the medications were changed, you were able to update the form right away.  When you update a SafelyMD account, you don't have to reprint the card.  The most current data is always displayed.

Please, take advantage of SafelyMD


We really hope the paramedics and emergency room personnel never have to use your SafelyMD card.  But the odds are they may someday.  It takes only a few minutes to set up your account and an account for someone you love.  It could save you life and take some of the worry out of traveling.

Enroll for free today!  You never know when you might need it, at home or away.

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