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Thursday, March 27, 2014

SafelyMD - Needed Sooner Than We Expected!

SafelyMD has only been available for about a month now. We knew this potentially life saving service was very much needed.  But we didn't realize just how soon and by one of our very own staff members.  Here is her story.

By Carol Marino -  Member Support Manager, SafelyFiled.com

"Last Friday evening we picked up my oldest son and the grandkids and decided to have dinner at a local restaurant.  My husband had been released from a hospital stay the previous Friday so we figured he was well enough to make the short trip and I could relax while someone else did the cooking.

We ordered our food and drinks, and after they arrived my husband started eating but soon stopped.  After a few minutes he said, “Call 911.”  He could barely get his breath.

My son placed the call and took the grandkids to the side so the fire fighters (first on site) could get an idea of what the problem was.   Soon, the EMTs arrived, and there were a lot of repeat questions and answers.  By this time my husband truly could not breathe.

Now, I have a SafelyMD card for myself and my husband, but in that emergency, I was so focused on not letting my grandkids get scared and trying to answer the EMTs questions, that I completely forgot to pull his card out for the EMTs to scan it.   My oldest son went with the EMTs to the hospital, and I went to drop off my grandkids.

When I got to the ER I could see the scared look on my oldest son's face, and when I got to the trauma room I completely understood why.  My husband was fast approaching total heart failure. The doctor joined me and told me they needed to intubate him and get him on a ventilator ASAP -  but my husband would not agree to the intubation. 

After a few minutes of telling my husband that without this, he would die, he finally agreed.  I was asked to step out of the room while they put the tubes down into his lungs.

While out there in the hallway, the nurse asked me what meds he was on, and what had he taken today already.   I remember saying, "Get me a computer that is linked to a printer and I can give you that information."

You see, while I was living the emergency, I shut down also.  But when things were getting under control, I remembered that all his medical information is in his SafelyMD account.  

I logged into SafelyMD, opened the document and printed it for the ER nurse.  She watched what I was doing, asked about it and commented on what a “life saver” idea SafelyMD is.  And she was right.   It contained all the medicines and dosage that he takes daily; it listed his doctors and their phone numbers.

Without that information I would have had to drive back home and bring in his box full of medicines, with no idea which ones he took already.  He could not have answered those questions either since he was intubated and given a sedative to put him into a light sleep while on the ventilator. 

So yes, SafelyMD was truly a life saver for our family.  Hopefully if I am put to the test again, I can just pull out his wallet card and the EMTs will have all his information at their finger tips.

A thank you simply does not convey all my heart felt appreciation."

Thank you Carol!  We're so thankful that SafelyMD was able to assist in such a life-threatening situation.  It validates to us that what we've been driven to provide the public,  with your invaluable help, is very much needed!

SafelyMD is Free....for a time

The SafelyMD service is being offered for free for a limited time. We don't even ask for credit card information.  We're doing this because it's a new service and because we believe it's important enough that everyone should have it.  We won't be able to give it away forever, unless a miracle happens. And we don't rule that out.  So please, sign up for your own account today.

You can also sign up others whom you care about.  The full SafelyFiled service, which is only $48 a year, enables you to create SafelyMD forms and cards for as many family members as you want, all within one account.  But if you want to have a separate account for each loved one, you can have as many of those for free as needed.

Don't delay! You may find that you need SafelyMD sooner than you expect;  like Carol did.

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  1. Wow! Fantastic tool! I'm happy your husband is ok, Carol. I'm getting SafeMD for every one of my family members, now! Thank you for sharing this story.