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Friday, February 7, 2014

St. Valentine's Day

We are starting a tradition at SafelyFiled.  We all work hard, but we couldn't have gotten SafelyFiled to where it is without the support of our spouses.  So to celebrate St. Valentine's Day, this blog is to let the world know how special our spouses are.


Mark Snow, CEO

My wife's name is Karyn.  This will be our 36th Valentine's Day together.

One of the things I love about her is the way her eyes look.  Not that they are beautiful to look at (they are) but because of the way her eyes look at the world.  She sees beauty everywhere.  The only downside is that our home is the repository for a huge number of unusually shaped or colored rocks, twigs shaped like letters, leaves turned to lace by Japanese beetles and scraps from catalogs with vibrant colors or patterns.

But the upside is that she looks at me like no one else does .  She sees wonderful things in me that I never knew existed.  When I'm with her, I know I am loved.  And I do my best to make sure she feels the same way.

Terri Caldwell, CTO

My husband's name is Rusty and this is our 35th Valentine's Day together.

There are many things that I love about my husband but the one that I want to highlight in this blog is his never-ending support of my dreams and aspirations.  His encouragement and confidence in my venture into helping start a new company, especially at this stage of our life is truly amazing.  Being people of faith in Christ, it is of great comfort and power knowing that Rusty is continually keeping us all at SafelyFiled, along with the  business itself,  lifted up in prayer.  

We've been through a lot together in our 34 years of marriage; raising a family, both serving in the military, and moving frequently.  But I think giving up a great paying corporate job and starting a new company in our 50's, when most our age are thinking of retirement, has been the most challenging.  But he has never wavered in his support and faith in what we're doing and the One who has brought this opportunity to us.

Carol Marino, Member Support Manager

My husband's name is Tom and this will be our 39th Valentine's Day together.

What always stands out about my husband is the inner strength he has.  He has been through a lot of medical procedures, and I myself feel defeated at times with all his medical needs, aches and pains… but he always finds the good in his situations. Good that the doctor found this, good that he was at the right place at the right time, good to read something about a med before he took it…

He has lost the ability to do certain things, but he has never "tossed in the towel", or lost his ability to find the good in situations or people.  He loves me, his children, and can't get enough of his grandchildren, and of course they are nothing but "good" in his eyes.

What I love the most is that he still sees the good in me, in my choices, in my efforts and challenges.  I am truly blessed to have him as my Valentine.

Susan Hinrichs, Chief of Engineering

My husband's name is Alan, and this will be our 24th Valentine's Day together.

Alan's humor and boyish enthusiasm are what first attracted me to him.  While we have a lot in common, both of us being techie introverts, it is our differences that have been essential to peace and happiness in our lives together.  He brings a ready pun and the need for the latest gadgets.  I bring good German grinding that gets the bills paid on time and meals on the table.
Alan's support has been crucial while we have been getting SafelyFiled started.  He has acted as a sounding board for many ideas.  Plus, he reminds me that things are not that bad on days when nothing seems to working out right.  Life would be a lot lonelier and less interesting without Alan .
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