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Monday, February 17, 2014

SafelyFiled - A Lifehack for the Tax Filing Process

Pinterest is full of lifehacks for many different projects, tasks and activities.  I did see a few lifehack articles out there for tax filing but not many. Maybe I didn't look in the right places, or maybe the task of filing taxes is so despised that not even Pinterest can make it tolerable :-)

For most of us, taxes are a reality and filing our tax return, at least here in the U.S., can be quite, well...taxing.

Last year on tax day, I wrote a blog about how I was going to make the process of filing my taxes easier this year.   I'm very happy to report, that I actually did what I set out to do in that regard and kept up with putting my supporting tax documents  in my SafelyFiled account as I received them.  I'm actually shocked to see all the different records in there. I think I have more this year than ever before because I was diligent about uploading my receipts, monthly bill records, income records, and business sales transactions as they became available.  I used a program called FileThis too, which automatically downloaded statements for me when they became available from any of my online accounts I set up.  I then uploaded them into the appropriate SafelyFiled tax folder I had created.  If I'm ever audited, the IRS auditor will get dizzy looking through all those records.  Maybe then he/she will just quit early seeing that I have records; and lots of them.  As a previous ISO/TL9000 auditor for a large corporate company, I can tell you that when a team could demonstrate their documentation was in order, the audit went much smoother and quicker!

Great for doing your own taxes or hiring a professional!

I still think I'll be able to use Turbo Tax to file my own return this year, but if I decide to hire an accountant, I can just invite them to my SafelyFiled account as an approved professional, then grant them access to my 2013 tax folders.  They can then use the supporting files there to complete my return. If there is something that I've forgotten, all I have to do is find that file, upload it to the folder, then let them know it's there. I can even set a reminder for them. No driving the file over to their office. No sharing sensitive information via the phone. No sending the data in unsecured email.  They can have the file in a few seconds.  Then, when they have my return completed, they can upload the completed return in my folder where I can view and download it, sign it, upload it again, and have them file it for me or I send it off myself. And, I have the complete 2013 tax return filed safely in my account.  I can remove it after the required 7 years, or leave it there as long as I want.

Need another lifehack?  Download our free checklists and get started with them.  Of most benefit to you as it pertains to taxes might be our Document Retention Checklist.

So, what about you?  Are you looking for a better way to file your taxes?  SafelyFiled is such a good lifehack for that and so many other things!      

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  1. Excellent. I want my CPA to have this. I'm going to suggest it!