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Friday, November 22, 2013


Did you know that November is National Caregiver month in the U.S?  Is that a big deal? 

According to an article by the Department of Health & Human Services' Administration On Aging, family caregivers provide an estimated $450 billion worth of uncompensated care to loved ones annually.  It goes on to say that unpaid family caregivers will likely continue to be the largest source of long-term care services in the U.S.  You can read the full article here.  So yes, it's a pretty big deal.

SafelyFiled's Mark Snow wrote a blog earlier this year about caring for his 90-year old mother that gave some good information regarding what you may need to consider when caring for elderly parents.  In his case, his Mom is still able to live independently in her own home but for many caregivers, they are the sole full-time caregiver for their loved ones without any additional funding or assistance.  With all that caregivers have to do to care for their loved ones, the last thing they need to do is to worry about finding important information in the event of a medical emergency, death of loved one, or any unforeseeable legal issues.

Ideas to Recognize and Encourage Caregivers in your life


Caregivers are giving out so much of themselves for others.  There are some things you can do to encourage them.  Here some ideas mentioned in the Administration On Aging article mentioned above:

  • Recognize caregivers in your community, in your organization and in your family and host a get-together to honor caregivers in your family and/or community.
  • Locate a community care center or community space and organize a Caregiver's awareness event.
  • Send an e-card to a caregiver. AoA offers free e-cards for caregivers.
  • Post on Facebook that November is National Caregivers Month and encourage your network to acknowledge caregivers in their families and communities.
Although caregivers may know that they should gather, organize and secure necessary important documents and records for themselves and those they're caring for, they probably don't have time to make that the necessary priority so here are some ways you might be able to help them in that regard:

  • Download our free checklists that are applicable to the caregiver's situation which can be used to gather, record and organize necessary documents.
  • Read specific information about how SafelyFiled can be used for caregivers on our Caregiver's page.
  • Volunteer to help the caregiver gather those important documents/files and then offer to scan them or use your smart phone to make digital copies of them.

SafelyFiled Discount Code for Caregivers 


We are offering a special promo code for Caregivers.  Use the promo code GIVECARE when signing up for a SafelyFiled account to get the first year of secure file storage and access for only $42.  This account can hold up to 1000 documents, images and/or videos for that price.  Each file can be as large as 1GB each.  Enroll at this link and that discount code will be filled in for you automatically.

Then maybe you can help upload those important documents for the caregivers and even set up reminders for certain actions that need to be done in the future.

How else can you recognize and assist a caregiver today?  The holidays are coming.  Consider helping with Christmas shopping, mailing out cards, and putting up decorations.  Small things that many of us take for granted can be of great help to someone who is focused on helping others.
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