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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Black Friday

The Frenzy is Coming!  The Frenzy is Coming!

Back when I was in my 20's I usually started my Christmas shopping on December 24th with a trip to the liquor store.  Even grandma got her schnapps.  But those days are long gone and though I don't really miss them, I miss that blissful stupidity that let me think that I had Christmas covered.

I have other forms of stupidity now.  Like giving my oldest daughter the same gift two years in a row.  Or trying year after year to get my wife to give me a hint about what she wants for Christmas.  It never works.  And I never learn. 

Or how about hiding the gifts because the kids snoop (they've never grown out of that) and then not finding them until March?  We've done that more than once.  (And by we, I mean my wife.)  Unfortunately, the kids weren't born in the winter so the sweater that was sitting in the closet for 8 months doesn't work as a good birthday gift.

Will This Year Be Different?

This year is going to be different.  I always say that, and though my track record isn't so good,  I'm still going to try.  And I have a different plan for this year.

As soon as I buy something, I'm going to take a picture of the receipt with my iPhone and upload it to SafelyFiled, where I can sort it by the person it's intended for.  Then, I can use the location field to remember where I hid it.  And I'll have SafelyFiled send me a text reminder on each item to make sure I don't forget about it. 

Perhaps the billions of dollars spent building the internet and sites like SafelyFiled can actually make a difference.  We'll see.  I'll report back in late January.

Good Luck This December

This isn't the Christmas blog, so we won't wish you a Merry Christmas yet.  But we do wish you a holiday season that is less hectic than those of past years and hope that amid all the frenzy, you actually enjoy the preparation and decoration, can squeeze in some time for your family and friends and that you find a few minutes to reflect on the real meaning of the season.
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