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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Nonprofits & SafelyFiled

There are great not-for-profit organizations doing wonderful things in and for our communities.  Here at SafelyFiled, we want to say "thank you".


It's hard to image where our country would be without the nonprofit organizations that are working behind the scenes in our communities.  People come together as volunteers to give of their time, talents and treasure.  This is a great testimony to the love that many have for their fellow man.  But it is not without challenges. 

One such challenge relates to proper storage, safeguarding and sharing of important and often times sensitive information.  This can be especially challenging for volunteer organizations where there is a constant turn-over of personnel.   The people leading or working on a team today may not be the same from yesterday or tomorrow.


Practices that make for profit business successful should be used for nonprofits as well


For profit businesses and organizations know that an important key to success is learning from past mistakes, keeping good records, and ensuring business continuity is in place. If something happens to members of their staff there is documentation in place to ensure that someone else can step in and keep things going. 

Unfortunately, these same disciplines aren't always applied in nonprofit organizations.  The cost of storing and sharing these files is a big factor.  Here at SafelyFiled, many of our team members are involved in nonprofit organizations and know first hand the risks and frustrations associated with records not being kept, accessible or effectively communicated with the appropriate people when needed.

So, in the spirit of sharing from lessons learned and providing a very inexpensive solution to the problem, we're offering the following information.   

Sensitive records are needed to be kept for historical, financial or tax purposes. They need to be kept safe but take up lots of storage space.
Scan those documents and store them in SafelyFiled for safe keeping that doesn’t take up space in your offices and are accessible only by authorized persons. (Not sure how long they need to be kept?  Check out our Doc Retention Checklist)
Teams keep changing and many things are reinvented because historical data isn’t available.
Keep meeting minutes, lessons learned, past project processes and other pertinent information in SafelyFiled and share those files with whomever is currently on the team.  Those person’s access can be removed at any time when they no longer need that information.
We need to track who reviews certain records or files
SafelyFiled provides activity logging that cannot be removed or edited in any way.  From the moment a document is uploaded, everything that is viewed, uploaded, downloaded or printed, is recorded in the activity log along with the date/time stamp, and the user’s login who took the action.
We have multiple different teams working on projects that need to share information for a short time.
With SafelyFiled’s Manage Sharing feature, you can grant access to folders or files on an as needed basis.  You can even send automatic reminders regarding certain files or records.
Sometimes we need to communicate sensitive information between teams quickly and email is the only solution for us at this time.
Email is not secure.  You can type in the wrong address that would put the info in the wrong hands and emails can be easily intercepted.  SafelyFiled provides a way for you to send a link to a specific document located within the account via email for quick notification.  The receiver then has to sign into SafelyFiled with their own login and password to access the sensitive information.  You also will have a record of that activity as mentioned above.
We have volunteers coming off and on projects frequently and we struggle with how to communicate information to them regarding those projects.
Again, with SafelyFiled, you can invite those new volunteers to participate in your organization’s SafelyFiled account, grant them access only to the project files they need to see, and at the same time keep all of that information in one location without risk of loss or damage.
Project delays happen often because key volunteers or project members are traveling with business or otherwise out of the area.
SafelyFiled is accessible from anywhere (as long as there is internet access), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Simply send a link to the document you need that person(s) to review or comment on and they can log in and take the necessary actions. 
We have years and years worth of records and files, sometimes it is very hard to find what we’re looking for.
With SafelyFiled’s tagging and keyword features, finding needed information among thousands of documents is easy.  Everything that is input in the title, notes, tag(s), the location field (if a paper copy is needing to be kept and filed) and the "Relates To" field, are all searchable. 
We have lots of files that need to be scanned and uploaded to SafelyFiled
This might be another opportunity for volunteers to help. Start slow with documents that are important today and then build on that.  For documents that are not of a sensitive nature, you can use volunteers or even look around for paid services that are willing to do this for you. We have some listed on our Affiliations page.

Get the word out to nonprofit organizations you know!

SafelyFiled Pro Lite comes with a whopping 1 terabyte of storage and up to 50 sharing participants for the low price of $48 a YEAR!  Enroll and sign up and see more feature options here.

We are available to host one-on-one training sessions for nonprofits via virtual webinars if needed.

Thank you for volunteering and serving us all in our communities!

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