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Friday, July 19, 2013

Member Testimonials about SafelyFiled - New Insurance Quote

Occasionally we'll have one of our members tell us how SafelyFiled has been very useful to them.  We thought we'd share those periodically.  Here is one such story.

"I wanted to share the experience I had yesterday about how SafelyFiled helped me with getting a new home and auto insurance quote.

"I was searching online for new insurance, filling in information at various insurance sites to compare quotes.  I got a quote that I was really interested in so I proceeded to fill out more information and requested that an agent contact me as soon as possible.  Shortly thereafter I got the call so I could complete filling out the information to get a specific quote on my house and automobiles.  I haven't changed insurance in quite some time and in doing research, found that I was paying too much.   Also, since I hadn't changed in so long, I had forgotten all of the information that I needed to have available for the agent to give me a real quote on my property.

"He asked me questions such as, have you had a claim on home or automobiles in the last 5 years?  Have you had any speeding tickets or any other moving violations in the past 5 years?  What was the VIN numbers of each vehicle?  What was the driver's license number of each authorized driver in the house?

"I had a moment of panic because I wasn't prepared to answer these questions but really didn't want to have to start over with the quote later after gathering this info together.

I saved time and money!
"But then I remembered!  I had taken the time a few months ago to scan the car titles, mine and my husband's driver's licenses and the insurance claim that was paid for hail damage to our roof and uploaded all of that into our SafelyFiled account!  I also had the current insurance policies scanned so I could easily find those numbers for cancellation.  Since I was at the computer (but I could have also used my smart phone),  I simply logged in, input key words I knew I had included on those documents or within the title of the document, and bingo---I had all the information I needed right in front of me to give to the agent.

"So thank you SafelyFiled for saving me money (the switch to the new insurance company was worth it!) and time by providing such a quick and secure place for me to access these important sensitive documents at the moment I needed them!"

Do you have a story?


We love to hear the different practical ways that SafelyFiled is being used by our members.  Share your story with us and you may see it in the next blog!  Email us your story today.

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