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Friday, July 26, 2013

Grow Your Practice With SafelyFiled

For lawyers, financial and estate planners, accountants and professional organizers - an easier way to organize and securely communicate with your clients.

Last year we introduced SafelyFiled as a secure and organized electronic safe deposit box for your important documents.  But we always knew that that was just a start.  So in the past few months, based on member requests and suggestions, we have made some changes that take advantage of SafelyFiled’s powerful and flexible architecture.

A number or our professional members who need to maintain confidential communications with their clients see SafelyFiled as a way to replace cumbersome encrypted email software.  Others, who spend a lot of time holding their clients' hands, see it as a tool to keep their clients organized, making the clients happier and reducing the time spent helping clients find lost documents.

Making It Even Easier With You In Control

So we made it easier for you to get and stay closer to your clients.  Just give them sponsored accounts.  In other words, you can now set up your clients’ folders and upload their documents.  Then, with a simple click of a button you get your clients started with their own SafelyFiled account.  Your clients simply click a link in their email invitation and it takes them to a SafelyFiled page where in about about two minutes they have a 256 bit encrypted account.  Now your clients are in the SafelyFiled secure “bubble."
And once in that bubble, it gets a whole lot easier to stay in touch with your clients - securely and with you in control.

SafelyFiled Benefits

Using SafelyFiled for your clients gives you four important and easy-to-use functions that you need in your practice.

First, it enables easy, one-step encrypted communications with your clients, something that is especially important when your communications come under the HIPAA or other regulations.  And, given the recent changes in Gmail, with Google sorting email for its users and putting it into tabs, SafelyFiled is a great way to make sure your clients actually see all of your communications. (Think automated text messages to let them know you've put something in their SafelyFiled folders.)
Second, the audit trail verifies that documents are available for your clients to read or download and whether or not your clients have seen them.  And with the SafelyFiled’s organization system, your clients can easily find their documents.
Third, you can use SafelyFiled to send reminders to your clients, in text or email form, about important documents you've prepared or that they need to look at.
And fourth, your clients can securely send you their documents.

Create Loyalty and Increase Exposure

As a sponsor, you can easily brand your clients’ view of their SafelyFiled documents.  Your logo and message can be on the top right of every client’s page.  Since SafelyFiled was designed to let your clients add their own documents, they’ll use it even for important matters that you are not involved in – but they’ll still see your name.  And when they share their documents with their family members (e.g. a medical power of attorney with adult children) their children will see your name too.

Try It Risk Free 

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on your own account, so you can try SafelyFiled without any risk.  It’s not expensive.  And when you decide to become a member and sponsor your clients, you can always cancel a client (or former client) and get a pro rata refund.  At $36 per year for a sponsored client, that’s less than 10 cents per day.  And once your clients use SafelyFiled, you’ve got a great excuse for a yearly call or account review.

More To Come

Thanks for helping us grow.  We hope that we can return the favor and help you grow your practice by using SafelyFiled.  Towards that end, please keep giving us your suggestions.  You help us make SafelyFiled even better.
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