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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

SafelyFiled Android App

SafelyFiled releases an Android app to make scanning documents with your smartphone more productive and secure.

Android app on Google Play
Since its first release, SafelyFiled has provided an iPhone app, SafelyScan.  Now Android phone and tablet users have an app as well.  The SafelyFiled Android app, is slightly different than SafelyScan.  Rather than implementing the scanning logic directly, the SafelyFiled Android app leverages the dynamic app marketplace and supports the use of your favorite document generating application on your smartphone, whether it is a scanning app like CamScanner, the PDF viewer app, or the built in camera app.

Use SafelyFiled to "Share" into your account

The SafelyFiled App tells the phone that your SafelyFiled account is a sharing target.  Many applications have a share menu option.  For example on your camera app, you use the Share option to share your photos to facebook or email.

After you install the SafelyFiled app, SafelyFiled will show up in the list when you select the Share word or icon from another app's menu.

Here are some common sharing icons, used in apps.
OpenShare ShareThis

SafelyFiled App example use

For example, you can now use your camera app to take a picture of the receipt for your new home office computer.  Then use the share option to select the SafelyFiled app.
Sharing list including SafelyFiled
  Via the SafelyFiled app log into your account.
SafelyFiled App Login
Once you've logged in, select the file from the camera app to be uploaded into your "To Be Filed" folder.
SafelyFiled upload screen
You can do all of this from your car outside the store where you purchased the computer.  So you have increased the likelihood that you will find a copy of the receipt in two weeks when the new computer's hard disk has died.  You'll also have this information at the end of the year when you are preparing business deductions for your taxes.

Download the app and give it a try. Smartphones give you additional power to keep on top of relevant paperwork and keeping things organized before it is too late. Give us your feedback. A version 2.0 of the SafelyFiled App is in the pipeline, and we want to make sure it serves your needs.
Android app on Google Play
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