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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happy Father's Day

My daughter has a sign in her kitchen that reads, "Nobody notices what I do until I don't do it."

I thought that was my own personal motto, but I suspect it applies to dads, moms, husbands, wives and just about everyone else in a committed relationship.  We all do things that simply need to be done and we do it without any thought of reward or thanks.

My wife and I have a pretty traditional marriage, with duties generally split like they were on Ozzie and Harriet.  There are a few exceptions.  My wife probably does a bit more gardening than Harriet did and I know how to iron a pair of pants and a shirt.  And if my wife were walking around in a dress all day with a pearl necklace, I'd probably get suspicious.  But for the most part, I take care of the car, finances and the house maintenance and she does that other stuff (whatever that is).

In honor of Father's Day, I was thinking about my own father and what he and I, like just about every other father I know, have done that nobody ever notices.  Tasks like changing the furnace filters, the washers on the hoses, and maintaining a supply of light bulbs.  Turning down the heat on the water heater before we go on vacation.  And  checking the sump pump and cleaning the hair out of the bathtub and shower drains.

Thank you Dad!
My wife does stuff too, though I can't really think of what it is right now.  But that's the point.  It's those silent, unnoticed, and necessary acts that when done, really add up to a lifetime of love.

I've also organized my papers so that if anything happens to me, my wife and the kids will be able to find everything easily.  They will know where the insurance policies are, how to find my many passwords and where the bank and brokerage statements are located.  That's one of those unnoticed acts that, like my daughter's sign says, won't be noticed until I don't do it.  But it's done now and I'm sure you can guess what website I used to store and organize it all. 

And so to all of you dads, best wishes from all of us at SafelyFiled for a happy and relaxing Father's Day.  May your children (and your wife) pause and think about, even for a second, then thank you for, that clean furnace filter.

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