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Friday, May 10, 2013

From a memory to a tradition - A User's Testimonial

I did it !  I just ordered some ladybugs off the internet and they should arrive in the next 3-5 days.  

 I did this last year also.  I gathered the grand kids and we played with the ladybugs.  We talked about their spots and about what the ladybugs do for the garden and then released them into my back yard.  We enjoyed it so much last year that I knew I wanted to do it again this year but I couldn't remember what the website was that I purchase them from or how much I paid.  I can’t find any of the paperwork.  It is gone.  So I searched the internet again, found what appeared to be a reputable site and placed my order.

Ready for next year

I did something different this year that will help me when I'm ready to do this again next year.  I created a folder on Safelyfiled and called it “Entertainment” and a sub folder “Ladybugs”.   I took a snapshot of the website and my online receipt and uploaded it into my Safelyfiled.com account.   Next year I will know exactly what site I used and how much I paid. (I’m feeling pretty smart right about now)

This idea spurred me on to others

I decided I really liked the idea of storing my fun purchases in Safelyfiled.  So I pulled out some of my Christmas purchase receipts and loaded them in the Entertainment folder.  I filed a copy of the membership cards for the Children Museum,  Kids Commons and Wonder Lab.  My gift receipt of a balloon ride for my son and his wife is now in there along with the gift receipt of the one day Survival training for the men in my life.  This was a great way to document the event, add any special notes to the file and to remember the cost and location in the event we want to do it again.

I am awaiting the ladybugs' arrival and planning on having the grandkids over for our release party which I hope creates a special memory for them.  For me,  I don’t have to remember the who, what, when or where I purchased these special gifts because it is all in my folder. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention - I also set a reminder for me next year this time to order them again. 
Creating a special childhood memory

Thank you Safelyfiled,  you have helped me to make a sweet memory become a tradition!
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