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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Grandkid's Artwork & Other Uses For SafelyFiled

Precious Keepsakes
I went into the kitchen to grab a snack from the refrigerator and had to push aside some precious keepsakes to access the door handle.  The artwork of my 3 grandsons had overtaken the appliance and I knew I had to do something with them soon.  But how do I show my appreciation and gratitude for their artwork without hurting their feelings or stifling their desire to create more for us?  I can't keep every piece of art on my refrigerator forever but can't bring myself to throw them away. Putting them away in a box is a solution but then I don't see them and the boys may be disappointed that their work is "put away".

Then it hit me.  The one thing they love to do even more than draw, paint and color when they visit, is play with my Ipad, Ipod touch or computer.  What if they could see their artwork on these devices?   They'd know how special their art was to me.  So special in fact, that I put them in a place where I can view them at anytime, from anywhere.  So, within my SafelyFiled account, I created a folder called Grandson's Art, then took a photo of their artwork with my smartphone and uploaded those photos into the folder.  I then added notes to each piece of art to include the date it was created and any special memories that were made during its creation.  I include other information such as their age when they drew it, the family activity that was happening at the time and even the sentiment they expressed when they gave it to me.  Creating a tag for their art will help me to find these photos later when I want to reminisce or for special milestone celebrations for them in the future such as a 16th birthday or high school graduation.  And if there's something extra special that I can turn into a gift for their parents or great grandparents, I can create a reminder on that artwork when the gift-giving time is near. 

Other Great Ideas!

SafelyFiled has so many uses that it seems we get more and more ideas every day from our users.  When we created SafelyFiled our focus was on storing important documents that you would normally store in a safe deposit box or need to have handy yet kept safe.  So we designed SafelyFiled with the appropriate security around it to ensure that type of data was kept safe.  But people are using it for even more!  We thought we'd share some of those ideas with our readers in the event any of these would work for you.  

  • Home improvement projects.  Take before and after photos of home improvement projects.  Then you can share these photos with an insurance agent, real estate agents or property assessment professional if ever needed.  Or just have them for your own records complete with the contractor's name who did the work, the money that was spent on the project, receipts, etc.  
  • Small business.  Small businesses can't always afford a big file sharing solution but may have staff that need to have access and share documents with each other.  But some files are very sensitive in nature so they don't want to store them on free or cheap document sharing sites where security isn't a main priority. SafelyFiled is great for that too.  One business account can be set up and staff members invited to participate in that account as associates so that they can access files when needed.  If a file needs to be updated, the associate can download the file, make changes, and upload it again.  SafelyFiled tracks all activity taken on a document whether it was added, viewed or downloaded complete with user ID and date/time.  Logging of activity on those shared documents is captured for you automatically.   The reminder feature in SafelyFiled is a very helpful tool for small businesses as well.
  • Non-Profit and/or Fundraising organizations.  Many of these organizations work with a large number of volunteer personnel and the same people may not be involved in a project from year-to-year. Keeping documented processes, points of contact, lessons learned, procedures and receipts in SafelyFiled, then giving temporary access to these folders and files as needed to get a project completed is a very smart way to ensure institutional memory.
  • Household Content Photos:  For insurance purposes, take photos of the contents of your home and high-value items and store them in SafelyFiled. Then share those photos and appraisal documents with your insurance agent in the event of a disaster.
  • Medical records and prescription medication.  We are encouraged more and more to take control of our own medical records as stringent HIPPA rules preclude sharing of your medical information between doctors.  If you had a medical emergency and you could not speak for yourself, it would be a great idea to have your own medical records and list of current prescriptions you're taking in a folder and shared with someone very close to you who could present this information in the event of an emergency. It could also be life-saving if they could access and present this information from anywhere with their smartphone.
These are just some of the ideas that have been shared with us.  With a storage limit of 1000 documents (which you can increase if needed), you can keep all of your important documents "SafelyFiled"!

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