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Friday, January 11, 2013

Meet SafelyFiled — a different kind of web company

Picture a room full of hip 20-somethings working around the clock, music blaring in the background, messaging to each other in a language no one understands, hoping to cash out and retire before they’re 30. That’s not us.

As internet companies go, SafelyFiled is a bit different — and we’re proud of our differences. We don’t use our tech skills to dazzle you with our brilliance or amuse you with quirky icons or animations, but to make it easier for you to make your life more organized and productive. 

We simply want you to feel great about having your affairs in order!

We think “peace of mind” is cool.
You might say we have a more mature approach to our business. We pay attention to those little details that matter to you — an adult taking care of important family documents. And we’re 100% dedicated to the service we provide our members.

As you may have guessed by now, we’re not 20-somethings. We’re a team of seasoned professionals. So we invested a lot of time designing SafelyFiled to be both intuitive and easy on the eyes — especially for those of us who have to squint to read most other websites.

Double-deadbolt security is a must.
We also pay attention to the news, so we fully appreciate your concerns about security. Those concerns are well founded.  That’s why we made security our top priority — literally.  For many websites, security is an afterthought that is only really dealt with after a problem pops up. Not us.  The first person we brought on board is a computer security expert who lectures at the University of Illinois in Champaign – Urbana.  Her name is Dr. Susan Hinrichs.  She designed and tested our security protocols first and then built the rest of the SafelyFiled around the security.  Susan will be offering tips in later blog entries.

Write to us. Tell us how you’re using SafelyFiled. 
One of the life and business lessons we've learned already is that our members will use our product in ways we never anticipated.  As long as it's legal, that's great.

We welcome your stories and will share them with the rest of the members. Our Chief Operating Officer, John Dore, and our Chief Technology Officer, Terri Caldwell, spend a fair amount of time with members and they will also share their insights in this blog.

Just remember: we're here to help you make your life more organized and more productive.  We hope that as you get your documents uploaded and share them with your family, that you get that calm feeling that tells you that you've got at least one part of your life under control.

Mark Snow

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