Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tracking Medications For Loved Ones

Are you tracking prescription and other medications for yourself or others?  Many caregivers and loved ones are tracking medications using a spreadsheet or just writing it down on sheets of paper.


It has become necessary to track medications because so many are prescribed these days.  As a matter-of-fact, this recent article posted by Senior Care Corner  states "More than 40% of adults over age 65 take five or more medications and one third of these will experience an adverse side effect, which can result in serious health outcomes."  To quote a doctor friend of mine, "we don't do health care in this country (the U.S.) we do sick care."

Keeping track of prescription drugs and other medical information such as drug and other allergies is a very good and necessary thing these days.  Many of us "boomers" are doing this not only for ourselves, but for our elderly loved ones.   But what happens if you loose that list or don't have it with you when you have to answer medical questions about yourself or loved one?  Remembering all of the medications being taken is hard enough to do when you're feeling fine.  What if you're not feeling well or if there is an urgent medical condition that needs to be treated quickly and you can't remember important details or are unconscious? 

That is why we created SafeyMD


We at are not youngsters who don't know what we're talking about here. (Read about us).  We are all well "seasoned".  We have our own medications to track and have elderly parents, and even grandparents still living, whom we assist. Tracking our own as well as their medical information, and ensuring it's current and available when needed, both for scheduled appointments or in the event of an emergency, was very challenging for us.  So, we created SafelyMD.

With SafelyMD, you have an online form that you can use to fill out all medical information history along with current prescriptions and other medications. But we took it even further. You can also input your doctors' names and contact info, your pharmacist, your emergency contacts (which can be dialed from within the application itself) and even special instructions like your resuscitation orders. Once you have the form filled out, you can download and print a copy of that information to take to medical appointments and provide copies of it for other family members who might need a copy.  Here's a short snapshot of how the form looks online.  It is formatted narrow so it can be easily read on smart phones and tablets.

A short view of the easy-to-use online form in SafelyMD    

This snapshot is just a short example of the information you can fill in.  You can input as much or as little information as you want.  This information is kept encrypted within the system and can only be seen if accessed via your emergency data card or by you when you log in, or any others you have granted shared permission to see it.  This means that this form and information is HIPAA compliant as you are the one providing this information. 

You can also print an emergency data card, that can be placed in your wallet, in your vehicle, on the refrigerator of your home or any other place(s) that you may want to put a copy in the event of an emergency.  You can print off as many medical cards as you want---all free.

The beauty of this tool is that any time your medical information changes, you can simply log into your SafelyMD account, edit that online form and save it.  You don't have to reprint those medical cards as they will simply point the medical personnel to your online form that you've kept updated.  SafelyMD also comes with an annual reminder that will be sent to you either via email or text (or both) to remind you to do an annual review of your medical information.  You can change that to be more often if you'd like.

If you upgrade to a SafelyFiled membership, you can track medical information for any and all family members within one account.  This is handy especially if you want one account to track yours and your elderly parent's and/or children's information.  If they are capable of doing it themselves, they can have their own account, or you can invite them to participate in your SafelyFiled account and they can update their own forms all within that one membership, at no extra charge.  The cost of annual membership to SafelyFiled is only $48. 

Other Valuable Tools 


There are some other websites that we've found that provide some very valuable information that you might find helpful. They are free and simple to use.

  • Drugs from A-Z, listed by both generic and name brand names -
  • Drug Interaction and Side Affects - 

SafelyMD is FREE!


You read that correctly.  For a limited time, we're offering SafelyMD absolutely free for single accounts (medical info for one person only and no sharing).   We're doing this for a couple of reasons.  First, it's brand new and we want to get the word out to people by letting them try it for free. We think you'll find the service so easy to use and so beneficial that you'll want to spread the word for us.  We also think you'll find that you want to upgrade to SafelyFiled once you discover how secure, easy and beneficial the full service is.  Secondly, we believe this service is so important and needed, that everyone should have it.  At zero cost, everyone can afford to have it.

So please, sign up for your free SafelyMD account today by clicking here.  It will only take you a few minutes to enroll. You can always come back to your account later to fill out your form and print your emergency data card when you have more time.

Do it for yourself and more importantly, do it for those you love.  Spread the word!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

SafelyMD and the Single Girl

You just moved to a new city to take your dream job.  You're on your own - and you travel.  Mom and dad worry way too much.  But they have a point.  What if something happens to you?  How would they know?

And to be totally honest, you think about this too, though you don't want them to worry that you worry.  You put an ICE (in case of emergency) number in your cell phone, but now you keep your phone locked.  What good does that do if you are unconscious?

You want to have your health and contact info with you, in your purse.  But you don't want to print a big piece of paper and carry it around with you. 

How SafelyMD works

Take five minutes now to open a free SafelyMD account and fill out the online form.  We'll guide you as you provide the answers to medical questions and input contact information.  You'll put in information about medications, surgeries, medical conditions and allergies.  You can put in as much or as little information as you want.  You can upload documents too, like a healthcare power of attorney, so in the event you can't speak for yourself, the hospital will know it has permission to talk to your mom or dad or anyone else you'd like.  (Click here to download a healthcare power of attorney form for your state.)

When you are finished uploading your information, just follow the directions and print a credit-card-sized card and put it in you purse or wallet.  The card has a QR code on it.  Paramedics or the emergency room staff can scan the card and quickly see the medical and contact information you've input.  There's a private folder in your account too for documents you want to keep, but don't necessarily want them available through the card.

You can update your information at any time without having to reprint the card.  Your current information is always displayed.  And if you lose the card or it's stolen, you can deactivate it with a click of the mouse.  Just print a new card.

Please, take advantage of this

We really hope the paramedics and emergency room personnel never have to use your SafelyMD card.  But the odds are they will someday,  It really only takes a few minutes to set up your account.  It could save your life and take away some of the worry mom and dad (and you) might have.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Taxes, Saving Time and Cutting Expense

If you have clients who wait until the last minute to get their supporting papers to you to get the returns done, (who doesn't?) consider what we've heard from one of our business users.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

SafelyMD - Needed Sooner Than We Expected!

SafelyMD has only been available for about a month now. We knew this potentially life saving service was very much needed.  But we didn't realize just how soon and by one of our very own staff members.  Here is her story.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Break, HIPAA & Powers of Attorney

That's a strange combination isn't it?  Well, as I write this blog, we're in the first full week of Spring Break for many schools in central Indiana.  When I picked up the newspaper this morning, I was reminded again that Spring Break isn't always just fun and games. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Where did that come from? Accidentally downloading software

All of a sudden, an official looking window pops up telling you that it has analyzed your computer and found 1,600 serious problems. Where did that come from?  Windows' latest update?

Monday, March 10, 2014

SafelyMD for an Elderly Parent

It's two in the afternoon and you are in your office.  The phone rings and it's the emergency room of the local hospital.  Your 79-year-old mother was just admitted. 


She was grocery shopping, and just slumped to the floor.  Paramedics arrived quickly and took her to the hospital.  Mom wasn't coherent, but they found a SafelyMD card in her purse.  That's how they knew to call you at your office.